Corporate Summary History Offices  
April 1916 First president, Joichi Hirokawa, establishes paper business
November 1936 Predecessor company Toho Gomei Co., Ltd. established
Operations halted temporarily during World War II
December 1957 Hirokawa Co., Ltd. established
December 1960 Printing, papier-mache, and packaging materials departments expanded
August 1964 Company headquarters moves to newly-completed Hirokawa Building
January 1967 Capital increased to ¥10 million
April 1973 Higashi Osaka Distribution Center begins operation (Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
July 1973 Ace Pack Co., Ltd. established (group company)
February 1977 Capital increased to ¥20 million
January 1978 Hitoshi Hirokawa appointed president
January 1979 Capital increased to ¥30 million
March 1983 Capital increased to ¥45 million
December 1984 Land for plant acquired (Tondabayashi City, Osaka Prefecture)
November 1985 Company recognized by Tennoji Tax Office as model filer of tax returns
(since then until the present, this recognition has been renewed every 5 years)
January 1989 Pro-tek division established
August 1989 Tondabayashi Warehouse completed (Tondabayashi City, Osaka Prefecture)
March 1990 Tokyo Office opens
December 1992 Hi-Art Co., Ltd. established (group company)
December 1994 Osaka Office opens
April 1997 Fukuoka Office opens
June 1997 Nagoya Office opens
September 2001 Fukushima Office opens
October 2001 PacksValue division established
July 2002 Headquarters building completed
November 2004 Hirokawa International Co., Limited established in Hong Kong(group company)
November 2006 Okayama Office opens
June 2007 Sapporo Office opens
November 2007 Fifth Sales Division established
December 2007 Tokyo Office upgraded to branch status
May 2009 100% of Inaba Shiko Co., Ltd.'s stock acquired
December 2009 Tokyo branch upgraded to regional headquarters
January 2010 Hitoshi Hirokawa appointed chairman
Shinya Hirokawa appointed president
August 2011 Sendai Office opens
As of August 1, 2011