Management Philosophy ― Chairman's Message ―
Our Management Philosophy: "The Enterprise is Eternal"
Companies are not simply organizations for generating business profits. They also have a social dimension and provide a foundation for their employees' livelihoods. If for some reason an enterprise should stagnate or disappear, the impact will fall not only on the people who work there, but also on related companies and the industry itself, perhaps even society as a whole. We believe that to avoid such an outcome, enterprises must continue to exist eternally.

Our Management Policy: "All-Weather Management"
Even if one attempts to maintain the existence of the enterprise eternally, it will still face forces beyond its control, as well as the indirect impact of problems experienced by its customers. To withstand these unforeseen challenges, which can be likened to bad weather, and maintain the company's health, the Hirokawa Group practices what we call "all-weather management." To ensure a stable business base, we have worked to create a strong financial foundation while actively expanding the scope of our business. From our beginnings as a wholesaler of Japanese paper, we have branched out into one new area after another, including specialty papers, Western paper, processed paper products, printing, packaging materials, food product packaging, and sales promotion materials. This is because we believe that the enterprise can only be maintained by responding flexibly to changes in our business environment across multiple markets, while firmly maintaining a stance of independence and self-respect.

Our Management Precept: "Sustained Effort"
On the wall of our company conference room hangs a work of calligraphy: three Chinese characters meaning "sustained effort." In essence, the inscription means that growth is not achieved through momentary bursts of effort or by following the current of the times. It is the result of daily effort and diligent application, of unwaveringly doing what is required and not being influenced by the trends of the moment. When I first saw this inscription, I was struck anew by the importance of daily, continuous effort, and since then, sustained effort has become our management precept. All-weather management is not achieved in a day. Each day's objectives must be attained to slowly build up strength; keeping your feet firmly on the ground and approaching each new challenge carefully is the key to opening up new opportunities. To realize our management philosophy that the enterprise is eternal, we will continue to emphasize all-weather management based on our management precept of sustained effort.

Chairman  Hitoshi Hirokawa


Hitoshi Hirokawa
Chairman, Hirokawa Co., Ltd.
This work of calligraphy reading "sustained effort," by renowned artist Gyokudo Kawai, was inscribed on a section of Japanese cypress salvaged from Ise Grand Shrine after super typhoon Vera struck in 1959.