Advantages of Registered User Login

Customers who login using their registered user number and password enjoy a high level of convenience including the ability to view their access history and obtain information on the latest products.

Advantages of the Registered User Login

(i) My Page usage

With My Page, customers are able to review their product inquiries history as well as our responses to those inquiries.
Customers can also view and change the information that they have registered on My Page.

(ii) No need to re-enter customer information

Customers who login need not re-enter their customer information when sending us inquiries.

(iii) Customer inquiries are saved in the customer inquiry cart

All items for which a customer wishes to make an inquiry are stored in the customer inquiry cart. Even if the customer's computer is shut down while browsing our website, the contents of the inquiry cart can be saved right up until the time when an inquiry is submitted.

(iv) Web magazine and direct mail

Registered users can receive correspondence from us with the latest product and other information.
(Limited to registered users who have agreed to receive the Web magazine and direct mail)