Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

■Concerning the handling of personal information

Hirokawa Co., Ltd. ("the Company") respects the privacy of users of its website ("Users") and exercises utmost care in the management of Users' personal information (defined below).

◆Personal information

Personal information means information on individuals that includes details such as individuals' name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and such other information that enables identifying specific individuals (Personal information includes information that by itself does not enable identification but that can easily be collated with other information to enable the identifying of specific individuals).

◆Purpose of use of personal information

Personal information provided to the Company by Users is applied exclusively within the scope of the following purposes.
1. For appropriately responding to inquiries received from Users
2. For sending requested materials, samples, merchandise, and estimates, etc.
3. For sending information concerning the Company's products and forthcoming exhibitions, etc.
4. For providing customers seeking business contact with the Company through the website with information on the Company's branch offices and business partners
5. For employment application procedures involving the personal information provided by job applicants through the website and for uses within the scope necessary for appropriate employment administration after hiring
6. For other purposes within the scope approved by Users
In case personal information is used for purposes other than listed above, the Company will give advance notice based on the personal information held by the Company.

◆Concerning the disclosure of personal information

Except for the following cases, personal information provided the Company by Users will not be disclosed to a third party.
1. Users have agreed to the disclosure.
2. Disclosure is made in a form that renders identifying Users impossible.
3. Disclosure is made to external service providers necessary for operating the website of the Company (in this case, the Company will give instructions and monitor the appropriate management and protection of personal information at the party receiving disclosure); or disclosure is made to potential corporate alliance partners or such other third parties in connection with information regarding the services of the Company; or in connection with the disclosure of statistical information on Users for other lawful purposes.
4. Disclosure based on a statutory duty pursuant to a demand for personal information disclosure received from a judicial or administrative institution, or based on such other statutory grounds.

◆Procedures for the disclosure, amendment, and deletion of personal information pursuant to information owners request

In case of queries from Users requesting to have their personal information disclosed, amended, deleted, its use discontinued, or erased from records, etc., the Company will accommodate such requests with reasonable expediency as part of its personal information management.


To enhance Users' convenience, and for the acquisition of statistical data, cookies may be used on the website of the Company. However, cookies gather no personal information and have no adverse effect on Users' computers. Acceptance of cookies can be refused depending on browser settings.

◆No SSL encryption, etc. of Users' information

Users are reminded that their information communicated over the internet including sample invoices, inquiries, or information entered in connection with applications is not encrypted by any cryptographic protocols such as SSL.

◆Enhancements in personal information protection management and updates on latest revisions

The Company strives to enhance and upgrade the protection of Users' personal information on an ongoing basis and with regard to the handling of personal information implements timely reviews and improvements. The content of revisions will be announced and made public in a timely manner.

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