Food Packaging Material

We produce packaging, principally transparent, for Japanese and Western confections, baked goods, and cooked foods. Packaging that appeals to the consumer’s senses, while maintaining strict standards of hygiene. Hirokawa showcases your foods at their mouth-watering best. Naturally, our pack

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Novelty goods designed to maximize the effectiveness of sales promotions play an important role in linking enterprises and consumers. Our novelty creations, backed by years of accumulated expertise as professional industry players, are guaranteed to generate excitement and surprises. 
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Japanese, Western, and Specialty

Working closely with paper manufacturers across Japan, we are a trusted supplier to customers with a wide variety of requirements seeking solutions to their paper-related needs. Each new project gets a meticulous hearing before we proceed to obtain and process just the right paper materials. What
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Packaging Materials

Packaging materials enclose, protect, transport, and display. We have a comprehensive lineup of materials to fulfill any packaging function. Our materials are helping major manufacturers and small enterprises at every step of the distribution chain, from factory to retail point of sale.
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Sales Promotion

In-store promotional tools are the culmination of your advertising and publicity efforts. In conjunction with mass advertising, web and mobile ads, and insert flyers, in-store tools are an important factor in generating consumer buying impulse—an impulse that directly links into on the spot
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Set up

Not only can we create and provide your sales promotion materials, we can also handle your processing, product inspection, sorting, and shipping. Providing the necessary sales promotion materials does not mean we’ve solved all of your challenges. We can put your sales promotion materials di
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